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Gift of the Heart Commitment

Please fill out the information below to make your Gift of the Heart commitment.

Adult Information

Children College Age & Under

If YES, you will need to fill out the Religous School Registration form. Click Here

Annual Gift of the Heart Commitment

If you are able, please consider increasing the amount you paid last year by 3%. This will help other members of Or Tzion who may not be able to match their 2019-20 giving due to recent economic challenges. Your annual gift of the heart commitment recommendation is in your email that hyperlinked to this page.


  • Replaces Dues, Security Fees, and the Yom Kippur Appeal
  • Includes High Holy Day seats for you and immediate family members in your household (up to age 23)
  • Includes religious school tuition for your children, if applicable (please remember to register your children in the Roz Goodell Religious School)
  • Does not include: b’nai mitzvah training fees; capital fundraising or other fundraising opportunities; USY or Kadima; Men’s Club or Women’s League dues.

I (We) am (are) pleased to offer my (our) Gift of the Heart Commitment in place of my (our) previous dues, security fee, Yom Kippur appeal, and religious school tuition.  


Due to the unprecedented times, we find ourselves in, the Or Tzion Youth Department is offering membership at a 30% discount for the 2020-2021 programming year.

Your membership will include approximately one lounge night and one weekend event per month as well as a youth group t-shirt. Dues will be used to bring in speakers and purchase program supplies. There may be times in which we charge an additional amount for larger online or in-person programs to help cover our costs.

Membership to the Youth Department does not include any USY Regional or International events. Additional information about this coming soon.

In offering a discounted price for the 2020-2021 programming year, we hope to make youth programming more accessible to all families regardless of financial abilities. If you are thinking of becoming an Or Tzion Youth Department member and can afford the dues in full, we ask that you do so, in order to help sustain the Youth Department and its programming. Membership dues should not be a hindrance to participation. For more information, please contact Or Tzion Youth Director Shayna Millman.  

Membership Dues will be as follows:

Enrollment in Or Tzion’s youth groups is contingent upon the signed child and parent’s code of conduct forms.

Please contact Shayna Millman at at with questions or for assistance.


To complete your child's registration you will need to fill out the Youth Group registration form. Click Here.


Sign up to be a member of Congregation Or Tzion's men's club and sisterhood.
The cost is $36 per member

You MUST complete and submit the next page for your information to be saved and submitted. The next page will ask you set up a payment plan or if you are logged into your account you can "bill it to account".

You can set up your payments either using a credit card or an ACH from your checking account. If you plan to use a credit card, please consider an optional addition of 3% to cover the credit card service fees Or Tzion pays. If you have any questions or issues setting up your payments please contact Pam Carson at

Fri, January 22 2021 9 Shevat 5781