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High Holiday Registration

Welcome to High Holiday Online Registration 2022/5783!

This year's HIGH HOLIDAY REGISTRATION FORM is IMPORTANT....and long.  Please be patient, read carefully, and complete it in its entirety. 

This year we created the 5783 High Holiday Guidebook and mailed every member a copy; the information contained in that booklet may help answer some questions that you might have as you complete this form. If you did not receive a copy of the Guidebook, please contact Amy at


High Holiday services this year will be available to members IN-PERSON and/or VIRTUALLY, just as we did last year.  Since our sanctuary can only host a certain number of attendees at a time, we must monitor the number of congregants who attend each service. This form will ask you to specify each person's preference for attendance at each service, whether it's IN-PERSON, VIRTUAL, or NOT ATTENDING. 

For all IN-PERSON requests, please note: seats will be filled based on earliest registrations first.  If you are interested in being in-person for any or all services, it is in your best interest to submit your request EARLY.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests, however, we cannot make any guarantees.  Thank you, in advance, for your flexibility and understanding.

As we approach the start of Rosh Hashanah, each member family will receive an email indicating where they have been placed for each individual service, whether it's IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL.  You will need to print that email as your 'ticket' of entrance to the in-person service.  Streaming links will be sent out prior to the start of the High Holiday services for all VIRTUAL service viewing. Please carefully review your assignments so there is no confusion the day of services. 

IMPORTANT: if you are given VIRTUAL access for a specific service, we ask that you not show up to the IN-PERSON service location hoping to get a seat.  Each and every seat will be accounted for and we are unable to allow entrance to the building of anyone not on the IN-PERSON list. Similarly, please do not request a seat on this registration page if you or your family member(s) is/are not fully committed to attending the in-person service. We want to accommodate as many people as possible during each service.

Please take your time and complete this form carefully and completely.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy at

Just in case we need to ask you questions!
Please provide up to two email addresses for us to send all communications and streaming links prior to High Holidays.


Every congregant household who wishes to take part in Or Tzion High Holiday programming must make a Gift of the Heart commitment. Your Gift of the Heart includes your membership dues, High Holiday seats for you and your immediate family members (up to age 23) and your Yom Kippur appeal. We will not be selling non-member tickets for access to our services.  High Holiday tickets and access to services are only available to congregants. 
Gift of the Heart asks congregants to participate in a voluntary giving model that creates sustained financial support so that Or Tzion can expand the opportunity to create positive memories and learning experiences for all of our members. Congregants making a Gift of the Heart commitment of $3,600 or more will become a member of the M’orot (Luminary) Society, a new major gifts program of Congregation Or Tzion.
For more information and to make your commitment if you have not already done so, please go to:

(If you are unsure if you have made a Gift of the Heart pledge, please email Pam at


Services will be held at Congregation Or Tzion for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  In order to accommodate as many congregants as possible, there will be two, similar, in-person sessions of the same abbreviated service that will run consecutively during Rosh Hashanah Day 1 and Yom Kippur morning; please see below for service start times.  Both Sessions will be available to stream online during the live service or can be viewed at a later time. On Rosh Hashanah Day 2, a full Rosh Hashanah service will take place which will also be streamed for virtual viewing.
Here is the general schedule for High Holiday services:

Apples & Honey:
 5pm - 5:45pm, designed for families with infant to 7 year olds, available IN-PERSON
Main Service: 6pm, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL

ROSH HASHANAH, DAY 1, Monday, 9/26
Session 1, 8:30am - 10:20am, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL
Littles Service 1, 9am - 10:15am (ages 7 and under)
Youth Service 1, 9am - 10:15am (grades 3 to 6)

Session 2, 11:00am - 12:35pm, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL
Littles Service  2, 11am - 12:15pm (ages 7 and under)
Youth Service 2, 11am - 12:30pm (grades 3 to 6)
Teen Service, 11am-12:30pm (grades 7 and up)

ROSH HASHANAH, DAY 2, Tuesday, 9/27
FULL SERVICE 8:30am - 12:30pm, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL
Littles Service, 9am- 9:45am (ages 7 and under)
Youth Service, 10am-11:30am (grades 3 and up)
KID-dush Room, 11:30am-12:30pm (all youth)

Kol Nidre Family Service: 5pm - 5:45pm, designed for grades 6 and under, available IN-PERSON
Main Service: 6pm, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL

YOM KIPPUR MORNING, Wednesday, 10/5
Session 1, 9am - 11:00am, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL
Littles Service  1, 9:30am - 10:45am (ages 7 and under)
Youth Service 1,  9:30am - 11am (grades 3 to 6)
Teen Experience, 9:30am - 11am (grades 7 and up)

Session 2, 12pm - 2:00pm, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL
Littles Service  2,  12pm - 1:15pm (ages 7 and under)
Youth Service 2,  12pm - 1:30pm (grades 3 to 6)
Restorative Yoga w/Lisa Levine  ·  2:15pm-3pm
Q&A w/Rabbi Andy Green*  ·  3:15pm-4pm            
Teen Takeover Minha*, 4:15pm-5:15pm, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL
Neilah, Havdalah, Final Shofar Blowing*,  5:30pm-6:43pm, available IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL


All holiday Youth Programming will take place as IN-PERSON programming.  Teens in grades 7th thru 12th are encouraged to select the Main Service during regular service times.

Registration - ADULTS (18+ years old) included in membership
Please indicate below this person's preference for each service.
Registration for CHILD(REN) included in membership

All children from age infant to 23 (if they are still in school) are included in the parents' membership at Or Tzion.  If adult children (over age 23) wish to participate in or view Or Tzion's High Holiday services, they can create their own Gift of the Heart pledge and then register as their own member.

Any child(ren) attending IN-PERSON services will be required to sit in the main sanctuary throughout the service; socializing in the lobby will not be permitted.
Please indicate below this child/teen's preference for each service.


Every year, Congregation Or Tzion publishes the Sefer Zikaron, or Book of Remembrance. This is our congregants’ opportunity to memorialize the names of loved ones to be viewed when we pray Yizkor, beginning on Yom Kippur.  If you wish to contribute names to the book, please review the options below and enter the information on your registration.

 There are 4 pricing options for submissions to the Book of Remembrance
    OPTION 1: $18 per name
    OPTION 2: $100 for quarter page, up to 5 names (no customization)
    OPTION 3: $200 for half page, up to 10 names (no customization)
    OPTION 4: $400 for fully customizable full page.
You may simply list names on this page with your  preferred wording for the memorial or send us a short essay describing a loved one's immigration to America, a family member's sense of humor, your favorite memory of that person, or what you loved most about someone.  You can write your entry on the registration page or submit it to  We reserve the right to edit your submitted content for space and clarity, though we will consult with you during the editing process, if needed. Up to approximately 600 words.

To add your Book of Remembrance entry, simply click on ‘1’ from the dropdown menu to begin the process.  Under Remembrance Categories and Costs, choose ‘yes’ to the question that applies to the category you wish to purchase; enter names in the appropriate boxes (please check spelling!).

If you are member of the M’orot Society, your commitment entitles you a submission in the book at no extra charge:  ⅟₄ page for those at the $3,600 level; ½ page for those at the $5,400 level; and a full page for those at the $7,200 or higher level. You do not need to submit your info on the registration page. Simply email your info to Amy (or ask any pertinent questions) at


choose one: 1 for YES, I would 
                     0 for NO, thank you.
Remembrance Categories and Costs
  • For the $18 Memorial Listing category, please choose the number of people you wish to memorialize in the book.
  • For the 1/4 page category, please choose the number of ads you wish to include in the book (For example: if you wish to memorialize 5 people in ONE 1/4 page ad, please choose the quantity 1 from the drop down menu.) 
  • For the 1/2 page category, please choose the number of ads you wish to include in the book (For example: if you wish to memorialize 10 people in ONE 1/2 page ad, please choose the quantity 1 from the drop down menu.) 
For Listings, 1/4 and 1/2 Page entries: Please list the names of the memorialized loved ones you wish to include in the Book of Remembrance.

If your Book of Remembrance entry is the SAME AS LAST YEAR, you may write that in this box.

The FULL PAGE option allows for 100% customization of the page.  Please don't forget to include who is memoralizing the names and/or story on the page.  Here's a sample of a customized FULL page: 

 We lovingly remember:
S_____ & S__ L____ (parents of E____ L____)
A___ & M__ C______ (grandparents of D___ L___)
A____ H L___ (father of D_____ L____)
V___ A__ M_____ 
(sister of D_____ L____)
You are forever in our hearts,
The L____Family

My grandfather, A____L___, was quite a character!  He was a beloved teacher and highly sought-after photographer. A___ was a beloved husband, father, uncle, and grandfather and he loved his family fiercely in return. He always had hobbies; he spent decades collecting trains and antique toys, he earned his pilot's license, he loved to travel the country by car to see what each state had to offer, and he was a voracious reader and reciter of poetry. I was lucky enough to travel with my grandparents in their RV on several occasions where we listened to hours and hours of musicals and trucker music on cassette tapes.  We drove hundreds of miles each day, but we were never allowed to ask the forbidden question, ‘are we there yet?’. For him, the beauty was in the journey, not the destination. 

A___ was always kind and generous to waiters, bellmen, and the wheelchair guys at the airport. He was witty in conversation and in writing. And he unabashedly loved his wife with every fiber of his being. When his great-grandson, A___, was younger, he too loved trains and played with them constantly. Born 4 years after A____'s passing, how I wish they could have shared that together! But it makes me believe that A___’s legacy lives on in his great-grandson.   


You can submit your names and/or story after completing this registration page. Simply type 'Will submit later' in the text box and we'll follow up with you if you don't submit it in a timely manner.  Please send full page content to  Questions? Contact Amy at


   Adults $30/each
   Children (15 and under) $20/each
4. SUKKOT (Sunday, October 9 to Sunday, October 16)

The Or Tzion Men’s Club recommends The Sukkah Project for all of your Sukkah needs. Haven’t built a Sukkah in a while or ever? Feel free to contact Michael Feinberg at with your questions! 

Would you be interested in having the Men's Club Sukkah Brigade build your sukkah?  The Sukkah Brigade will be building on Sunday, October 2, starting at 7:30am.  Click 'YES' below to be added to the list.
zip code

Would you be willing to help build with the Men's Club Sukkah Brigade build on October 2?  You don't have to be a member of the Men's Club OR a man...women are welcome too!
If yes, what is the best way to contact you? Please provide at least one way below.
phone number

Would you like to purchase a Lulav & Etrog set? Please indicate quantities here.
   Premium Set - $55 each
   Children's Set - $45 each



Project Isaiah is our Jewish Community's annual High Holiday drive benefiting the community at large.  It is named for the prophet Isaiah, who when asked why we fast on Yom Kippur, responded "Is it not to share your bread with the hungry?" (Isaiah 58:). Without question, Or Tzion's members have been overwhelmingly generous in donating both money and food during our Project Isaiah drive each year. 

Because of Covid-19, both Kitchen on the Street and Jewish Free Loan have been greatly impacted. There are more people in need than ever before. Please indicate below if you wish to make a monetary donation. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity in supporting these two worthy organizations.


Enter your donation amount above.

Enter your donation amount above.


Please consider making a donation to the Roz Goodell Education Fund that supports our religious school and other programs for our children.

Enter your donation amount above.

Sat, June 3 2023 14 Sivan 5783